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“Sustainable lingerie that celebrates you”

- Tukiya Mutupa

I launched this brand to make a difference to those that have (like myself) felt there fashion desires have been sitting on the sidelines due to their body shape... not any more!

I remember being 15, lying on my bed, tears streaming down my face because I felt like I had to give up dancing and running just because of my body shape. I searched the ends of the earth for products that supported my breasts and women who looked like me to feel secure in who I was. Fast forward 16 years, and the story is still the same with no glimmer of hope on the horizon.

Millions Of Us...

Millions of us share these stories of having the outcast moment where we're told our bodies aren't enough.

A struggle we've collectively faced, something I've been longing to address. The beauty standards, the body expectations, the exclusive cliques... Its all going to far and for too long!The lingerie industry, like many others affecting women, is stuck in the past.

There's not enough education on women's bodies, how they change over time, during our menstrual cycle, and how to find the right bra size. So, we're starting by innovating for women, especially those who've been overlooked.

This affects how garments are designed for different body types and many in the supply chain who are overworked and unprotected.Every item we make is a chance to invest in local and global communities.

We're here because we've joined hands, connecting communities worldwide to make a positive impact. We want to bring a community that is inclusive to those who have felt otherwise.

This year, we're donating funds to support the girl child, backing organizations that ensure the survival of young girls at risk of child marriage, and making sure they have access to education and good health because we're here for change, and we're making it happen together.

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What We Do

We're all about celebrating every body, especially those of us in the plus-size crew.

Our main mission is to design for real women's bodies – no afterthoughts here. Forget about impractical or dull designs; we're all about that sweet spot where comfort meets beauty.

Our classic range has been carefully crafted, and we're definitely not into the fast-fashion scene. Our style remains consistent, but we actively collaborate with our community to make improvements and ensure we deliver the very best.

Our Mission

Empowering Women And Reshaping The Narrative.

We are not just an underwear brand; we are a transformative force that combines sustainability, inclusivity, and social impact, empowering women and reshaping the narrative of the lingerie industry.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the garment industry using inclusive approaches, social impact, sustainability and innovation.

We are planting seeds of change every single step of the way.

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