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We’re offering the worlds first personalised shopping experience for sustainable lingerie a w people.


We use design thinking and the circular economy model to revolutionise the way women wear, shop for and care for their lingerie throughout the life cycle of their product.

Our philosophy

Always operate with Humility, Integrity and Exellence.

Why our products?


We're focused on celebrating all bodies


Sustainablitity is what were about. We make lingerie in a way to benefit people and planet. We advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and focus on the circular economy

Contribute to changing communities

The Seeds in our names stands for the way we impact communities. Our goal is to supporting the most vulnerable communities around the world

What we believe

Currently, women with DD+ cup sizes are not able to easily purchase the prettiest and most supportive bras for them. These women may feel that their bodies are the problem, and their not. The industry is. They have to go into stores, to try on an endless number of bras to find the right one, if they order online there is a high percentage their bra will not fit. They want to be carefree and feel less stressed, they want their bodies to be appreciated and they want to feel valued. The current situation is unacceptable because women with bigger cup sizes deserve to find bras that fit them easily. They deserve to be able to access sustainable high-quality, beautiful and comfortable bras that make them feel happy and pain free. They deserve to know how and where their lingerie is made and the impact of their purchase on communities, people and the planet.

You shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability.

It’s time to celebrate - Inclusive and Sustainable!

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