Our story

The main inspiration for this idea to develop inclusive for women came from negative personal experience as a fuller-sized Black woman shopping for lingerie. 

We’ve spoken to dozens of women, and have constantly heard them say, for example, "it's hard to find a bra that fits well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg,” and “I can't always buy a matching bra and pants because I’m curvy", “I don't understand sustainable fashion/these brands don't care about me”

I said enough is enough and decided to create Pomi and Seeds, a company dedicated to solving these issues. 

Furthermore, climate change  impacts vulnerable groups, including women/children a lot more, and the fashion industry is one the most prolific users of fossil fuels, with un-transparent supply chains, with the capacity to permit poor environmental practice/slave labour workers’ abuse (80% of garment workers are female). And so, Pomi and Seeds aims to operate ethically in all that we do, and care for communities and the environment along the way.